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Cool kids pyjamas for bedtime and beyond at MADC'S!

Cool kids pyjamas for bedtime and beyond at MADC'S

Kids pyjamas should be comfortable and durable, in quality fabrics and colours kids love to wear. Children's sleepwear from MADC'S ticks all those essential boxes but, after that, it breaks all the rules! We don't do cute and we don't do cliche. We sell only the brightest, loudest, coolest sleepwear for kids who are anything but average. Buy versatile, designer kids pyjamas online that can take young adventurers from playtime to sleep time, with quirky styles that meet the needs of active kids at bedtime and beyond! That's why we call it sleepware - it's children's sleepwear as tough as your hardware. Our PJs stand up to the most creative sleep time adventures!

Sleepwear as tough as hardware

Kids don't stop being kids as soon as they get into their pyjamas. In fact, kids often use that time between bath and bed for awesome twilight fun! When your kids want to finish off that last game, lose themselves in a book or have 5 more minutes of playtime PLEASE, they'll be doing it in style! Our 100% cotton, breathable fabrics make for peaceful night time slumber, but our fashion forward kids pyjamas are right at home as casual daywear, too. Cut down on travel luggage or sleepover packing with funky sleepwear that goes from day to night. MADC'S sleepwear is super comfy for cool chillouts, and specially designed for active play, with quality fabrics, double stitched seams and wide legs. PJs from MADC'S are quality sleepwear for your imaginative individuals - at bedtime or anytime.

The coolest sleepwear adventures happen in kids pyjamas from MADC'S!