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Kids Pyjamas a Christmas Eve Tradition

Kids Pyjamas 

Christmas is a magical time of the year for families, but the lead up to the silly season can be chaotic to say the least! When Christmas Eve comes around, it's time for the hustle and bustle to end and the festivities to begin. Why not start a new Christmas tradition in your home this year? It all starts with some awesome pyjamas or funky sleepware!

Special Christmas Eve menu

Christmas Eve is all about spending quality time with family; and what's a gathering without food? Getting the kids involved in creating a preparing special menu with all the Christmas trimmings is lots of fun and a great way to get everyone into the mood for a cosy night together.

Open one special gift

Imagine this. You've just finished your fabulous dinner and the kids are eagerly anticipating Santa's entry (chimney or however he arrives). Carols are playing in the background, and there are giggles and laughter filling the room. When it comes time for kids to pop on their pjs, surprise them with something special. Let them open one present that's been sitting under the tree. Just one! It's a brand new pair of pyjamas, perfect for getting comfy on the most exciting night of the year and then to wake up in on Christmas morning.


When it comes to choosing designs, the best part is that everyone can have a different pair that best shows off their personality. Think super hero themes or girly hearts and flowers! The funky pyjamas at MADC'S are soft and flexible, but cool enough for kids to be the envy of all their friends. Kids are not embarrassed to be seen in their MADC'S.

After the long build up to Christmas, make Christmas Eve a 'family only' night to remember. Pop on new pjs and snuggle down together for a special Christmas movie, game or bedtime story. With any luck they'll even fall asleep early thanks to this charming new tradition,.

Browse the full range of cotton pyjamas by MADC'S today and surprise the kids with sleepwear this Christmas Eve.

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Kids pyjamas with MADC'S November 12 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids pyjamas as Christmas presents

Why Kids' Pyjamas Are The Perfect Christmas Gift

Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you received a pair of pyjamas for Christmas you'd probably want to retreat to a corner and hide from embarrassment. But so much has changed! Kids are really interested in fashion these days, and they also know the advantages of being comfortable when they sleep or play. Groovy patterns, durable designs and fun fresh looks are making kids' pyjamas highly sought after gifts.


Let's face it, kids spend a lot of time in their pjs. Between bath time and bedtime, there's sometimes a good hour or two of antics, like last minute games and books to be read. That's why it's important that kids' sleepwear is designed to last. Pyjamas need to be warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable enough for all kinds of activities. A great pair of pyjamas that ticks all these boxes will be gratefully received!


MADC'S offer countless sleepwear choices for kdis to show off their individuality. Bold colours, classic cuts and unique designs mean there's something for everyone. What's more, matching sleepover bags make them the perfect set to pack up and take to grandma's for the weekend or a pyjama party with friends. Kids will want to be seen in their MADC'S sleepwear.


Whether the giving of pyjamas to your children begins on Christmas Eve as part of a new family tradition or on Christmas morning surrounded by paper, kids will love jumping into their new pjs and enjoy the chaos, madness and excitement that Christmas morning brings.

Kids always get too many toys at Christmas and many end up at the bottom of the toy box within days. A pair of new pyjamas is a gift that keeps on giving! Consider adding a set of kids' sleepwear to the stocking this year and you know that your money will be well spent.

Whether new pyjamas are a family tradition at Christmas or your kids simply need a new look to start the year, pyjamas really are the perfect gift this Christmas.

Browse the full range of MADC'S cotton kids' pyjamas today and surprise the kids this Christmas.

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Boys pyjamas with MADC'S October 15 2015, 0 Comments

Boys Pyjamas with MADC'S

The Best Boys Pyjamas to Wear in the Heat of Summer

If you haven't shopped for a pair of boys' pyjamas in a while, you'll be amazed at the huge ranges of choices available. Junior trendsetters are no longer getting by with one pair of basic pjs! In recent years, pyjama ranges have changed in so many ways, giving boys more sleeping comfort with innovative fabrics and cuts.

With summer approaching, it's wise to ensure our boys not only have the grooviest pyjamas in town, but ones that allow them to remain cool at night so they can get a good night's sleep and recharge their batteries for the day ahead. So what are the best boys' pyjamas to choose?

Summer pyjamas are cotton pyjamas

Hands down, cotton is the best choice for warmer weather when it comes to choosing sleepwear. It's lightweight, natural and helps little boys keep cool from play time to sleep time. Amazingly, cotton breathes and helps to draw moisture away from little bodies, allowing skin to remain dry and sweat free. Synthetic alternatives can cause nasty irritations on soft delicate skin, so cotton really is the way to go.

Cotton is comfortable

There's nothing worse for a child than scratchy, itchy fabric that gathers up and makes sleep time unbearable. For a parent, there is nothing worse than your child waking up in the middle of the night tangled and uncomfortable! Cotton holds its shape and the breathability factor reduces any itchiness caused by sweating.

Design matters

When it comes to our children, safety is paramount. Not all pyjamas are designed with safety in mind so it's important that there are no flammable elements or buttons and cords that can inadvertently cause harm. Pyjamas also need to be made to last. Between pyjamas time and bedtime, boys will be boys and continue to play - especially in the longer daylight hours of summer. It's important that their sleepwear of choice is durable, flexible, comfortable and safe.

Luckily MADC'S has all the answers when it comes to summer pjs for boys. Every item in our sleepwear range is colour-fast, fun, funky and perfectly designed with boys in mind.

You'll never find these unique cotton designs anywhere else. Browse the full range of cotton boys pyjamas by MADC'S today. You'll be impressed!

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You can find more funky, durable and awesome designs from MADC'S for girls here.

School Holidays September 10 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S 5 essentials for a beach holiday

What To Pack When You Are Hitting The Beach

The school holidays are the perfect time to head to the beach. It's great to go for a few days, too, so you can really settle in and start to relax. You won't forget the towels or swimmers, but what else should you be packing? We've listed 5 essential items to include in your beach bag these school holidays.

5 must haves for your beach holiday

To get the most down time out of your beach holiday, it's important to pack carefully. From appropriate beach wear to distractions for the kids, the better you prepare yourself, the more fun you'll have.

1. Sun protection

The number one item on any beach list is sunscreen. Keeping your kids and yourself protected from the sun is a high priority. Make sure you have enough for the duration of the holiday, with a sufficient SPF rating for your kids' skin. Don't forget to reapply after swimming! Hats are important, too. Keep kids and adults shaded on the beach with wide brimmed hats that provide protection from the sun.

2. Clothes

When it comes to beach clothes, you won't need anything too heavy. Light shorts, t-shirts and cotton dresses for the girls will be enough to get you through. If you plan to head out to dinner, make sure you bring one nice outfit that doesn't require too much ironing or special care. Generally beachside restaurants are more laid back than their city counterparts.

3. Sleepwear

Comfy sleepwear is just as important as practical day clothes for a beach holiday. Lightweight pyjamas that are 100% cotton and breathable are the best type. Packing lightweight pyjamas, especially for the kids, will also free up space for heavier items, like toys or games.

4. A good book

Once of the best things about a beach holiday is relaxing by the water with a good book. Books are a great way to keep adults and kids entertained through the day, and to help settle everyone to sleep at night. Pack a range suitable for the whole family - or choose a beach themed book as a souvenir for the kids from their holiday.

5. Sports equipment

It wouldn't be an Australian beach holiday without a game of cricket on the beach. Make sure you pack plenty of play equipment such as tennis balls (for cricket, handball or catch), a cricket bat and stumps, a football.soccer ball and a Frisbee. A few key items will mean that a number of different types of activities can keep everyone occupied for a fun beach holiday.

MADC'S has heaps of fun kids' pyjamas to pack for your next beach holiday. With bright and funky colours that can easily go from daywear to sleepwear, they are a must for school holiday fun.

Browse the full range of MADC'S kids sleepwear before your next beach trip.

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Girls pyjamas with MADC'S July 30 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S Girls PJ parties

Planning A Girls' Pyjama Party?

When it's time for your daughter to have her first pyjama party you're going to want to make it something to remember. A house full of giggling girls, high on life and sugar, will be craving lots of fun activities, food and friends to make it oh so special. And what's a girl's pyjama party without girls' pyjamas? Here are some great ideas and creative ways to turn any pyjama party into a night (and morning) everyone will love!

Funky pyjamas

First things first - the all-important pyjamas. Girls love to feel girly and still look modern and cool when they are in their pjs, especially when they are amongst their friends. Luckily MADCS has done all the hard work and designed and developed a range of sleepwear that really does tick all the right boxes. Your daughter will be spoilt for choice with the awesome range available and the hardest part will be deciding how many pairs need to be purchased. Better still, accessorise with the ultimate sleepover bag. Perfect for packing all the essentials a little girl will need.


Every pyjama party needs a theme. You could base it on your daughter's favourite book, or maybe a cooking adventure? Why not create a colour theme to match your girl's coolest pair of pjs and invite her guests to wear a colour to match?

Fun activities

The best thing about parties is the fun activities. The funny thing about sleepovers is that not a lot of actual sleep tends to happen! Keep the kids busy with party activities to keep the party atmosphere going right up to bedtime. You can kick off the festivities with a mini makeover. Set up a simple nail bar or a variety of lotions for the girls to pamper each other. Let the girls get creative by decorating their own cotton pillowcases; just provide plain covers and a few fabric crayons. Or they can dance the night away at a homemade karaoke bar!

The best part about wearing MADC'S sleepwear to a girls' pyjama party is that when morning comes around, they'll be proud to come out for breaky and snooze on the car ride home without worrying about a change of clothes. The half elastic and half drawstring waistbands give them room to move no matter what time of the day or night they want to party!

Browse the range of girls pyjamas at MADC'S today. You'll be impressed!

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More funky, durable and awesome designs for boys from MADC'S


Designer kids clothes for cool kids July 02 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids designer pyjamas for cool kids

What Are the Cool Kids Wearing To Bed?

The celebrities love their designer kids' clothes. Luckily, when it comes to pyjamas, it's easy to dress like the cool kids without the exclusive price tag. If you like to dress your kids in fashionable clothes at all times of the day, you'll love the latest trend in pjs - daytime/night time sleepwear. Save time and money by buying great looking, comfy pyjamas that will go the distance with your cool kids.

Dress like a celebrity in kids' designer wear

This fun fashion trend, driven by celebrities, is actually practical as well as stylish. Kids can enjoy all the comfort and flexibility of a great pair of pyjamas during the day as well as the night, as long as their pjs come in fashion forward mix and match styles that combine durable fabrics with classic cuts and colours. Look for cargo pants, singlet tops or loose fitting tshirts rather than the traditional button or zip up pjs and your kids can go from playtime to sleeptime in the same outfit!

Bright colours are a must

Kids are always drawn to bright colours, even when it comes to sleepwear. Whether your child is into bright greens or hot pinks, pyjamas that stand out from the crowd will always make a kid feel cool. And when it comes to motifs, steer clear of the latest cartoon fad. Bold shapes and geometrics like stars, stripes, hearts and flowers give pjs a contemporary look, and yet never go out of style.

Versatility to stay on trend

Kids' clothes that capture the designer feel are more affordable than you think, especially when you consider the great value for money that comes from getting extra wear out of your kids gear. Quality fabrics and flexible sizing, like elasticated waists and roll up cuffs, mean you get several seasons out of one funky outfit. Mix and match tops and bottoms also make it easy for your kids to express their individual flair, whilst still keeping up with the latest styles.

Next time you buy pyjamas, save money without compromising on the fashion factor when you combine functional fabrics with designer flair. They'll feel as though they're stepping out in the coolest designer kids' clothes, but you won't have the credit card bill to match!

Find out more about MADC'S mix and match kids pyjamas for the coolest kids around.

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Girls sleepwear for princesses June 18 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S girls pyjamas for princesses

What Princesses Wear To Bed

Are you looking for girls' sleepwear that is fit for a princess? It's not all about lace and frills for today's royal little ladies. Your modern princess can do hot pink or bold blue with equal flair - as long as she can dance, jump and play before bed! Read on for some tips on how to choose girls' sleepwear for your little princess.

Start with a colour she'll love

Pink is the traditional colour for little princesses, from pastel to candy, there's a shade to suit every young lady. But girls' sleepwear doesn't have to be pink. In fact even the fairytale princesses take the odd risk on colour! Think of blues and whites like Cinderella, or yellow and gold like Belle? Whether you have a traditional princess or your daughter is more like a modern day Rapunzel who would help herself out of the castle, choose pyjamas in a colour that makes your little one feel special.

Soft, flexible fabrics for sensitive royal skin

Princesses are renowned for their flowing, soft dresses but these days, a princess might also need to be ready for adventure at short notice. Choosing girls' sleepwear that's 100% cotton is the perfect compromise. It's flexible and breathable for daytime activities, but cool and cosy enough for her to doze as soundly as Sleeping Beauty.

Sleepwear fashions for the modern princess

What else do you think of when it comes to princess attire? A fitted bodice? A huge hooped skirt? The fantasy doesn't always match with the reality of a good night's sleep! Instead, try a funky singlet top with mix and match pants for the summer months. Add a long sleeved top to get year round fun out of your princess' cool pyjamas. A tutu of course, can be worn over almost anything!

For girls' sleepwear to suit the modern day princess, choose quality fabrics in comfortable, colourful styles. A well rested princess is a happy princess. Save the cumbersome layers of tulle for special occasions!

Find out more about MADC'S girls sleepwear perfect for your princess.

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Camping Holiday June 04 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids pyjamas camping essentials

The 5 Must Haves For Your Next Camping Trip

Are you heading out for a camping holiday or weekend? You've probably got the basics sorted, like tents and sleeping bags. But there are a few other 'must have' items that can make your holiday or getaway complete!

Whether you're heading for the hills or relaxing by the sea, here is our list of five must haves for any camping trip.

Good Board Games

A few good board games are essential for some quiet family time at the end of a busy day or if your're hit with bad weather. Games like Jenga, Twister or Pictionary can be great for all ages. Just bend the rules a little for younger kids! All these games have minimal small pieces, too, making them easy to transport and ensuring so you won't accidentally leave half the game behind at your campsite when you leave.

A deck of cards as well as Uno are also essential for the camping kit! A great way to get everyone involved including inviting neighbouring campers.

Good book

Once all the adventure and fun has wound down for the day, a good book can please everyone from adults to the smallest of babies. Make sure you pack a range of books to suit your families' needs. Even if you child doesn't enjoy sitting and listening to a story, consider books where they have to find a particular item in the picture. Where's Wally, the I spy series or Animalia by Graeme Base can provide hours of searching fun.

Comfortable and durable clothes

Comfort is a must for camping, as are clothes that are tough and can sustain climbing in trees, hiking hills and riding bikes. The best camping clothes should also be 'wash and wear' - forget things that need ironing or can only be washed on the 'delicate' cycle. Shared campsite washing machines can be tough on clothes, and you may well be drying them on a rock in the sun. With comfort in mind, MADC'S has a great range of kids' pyjamas that can be worn day or night. They stand up to the tough test too!

Hats and sunscreen

Another must for your next camping holiday is plenty of protection to keep the adults and kids sun-safe. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen, hats and rash shirts for the water. Long sleeved, light clothing is best to protect your littlies' skin from the harsh sun.


Nothing says camping like a bag of marshmellows. Depending on the length of your stay, you may need to take a few packets. Find some sticks and experiment with toasting different flavours over your fire. The kids will love this tasty night time ritual.

MADC'S has loads of cool kids' pyjamas in bright and funky colours, ideal for your next camping holiday.

Click here to browse the full rage of MADC'S girl's pyjamas and boys pyjamas for your next camping trip.

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Comfortable childrens pyjamas May 21 2015, 0 Comments

Comfortable kids pyjamas by MADC'S

Why Comfort Is A Must At Bedtime

Every parent knows the value of a good night's sleep. You'll start the day with all the energy and patience you need to look after your family - and your kids will do their best playing, learning and growing! Choosing the right pyjamas plays a big part in helping your children wind down and settle into bed. Read on for our tips on picking the best children's pyjamas!

Comfort comes first with children's sleepwear

Comfortable children's pyjamas are a must in helping busy kids go from non stop play to a relaxed night time mood. With a huge variety of sleepwear options available, it's tough to pick out the best type to make sure your child is comfortable at night time. Here's what to look for:

Quality materials are a great start

At MADC'S, our children's pyjamas are 100% cotton, making them cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Cotton is also a breathable fabric. Children can get very sweaty overnight, and with the rise of allergies and itchy skin conditions, it's important to find pjs that allow a little airflow to your kids' skin. Good quality fabrics also avoid harsh chemicals and dyes, making them safer for your child and less likely to cause or aggravate allergic reactions.

Loose fitting is best

Trying to sleep with tight fitting, restrictive pyjamas is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous for your child. Cutting off circulation is a risk at bedtime so it's important to choose loose fitting pyjamas that allow your child to move freely. Adjustable elements in your pyjamas, like drawstring waists or roll up cuffs, can also help children to arrange their pyjamas to suit the season - or their mood or personal requirements - for maximum comfort.

For children's pyjamas that promote comfort at night time, choose quality breathable fabrics and an adjustable, flexible fit. Your kids will thank you - and you'll thank them for a great night's sleep!

Check out the full range of MADC'S 100% cotton children' pyjamas.

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Sleepover games for boys May 07 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S boys pyjamas for outside sleepovers

Sleepover Games for Boys

Organising a fun boys' sleepover can be challenging as a parent. Our advice? Keep it simple. Pull out some comfy, durable boys' pyjamas and plan a few games or create a night of fun and adventure. Read on for our top tips on sleepover games for boys!

Boys' pyjama fun

For starters, your boys will need some fun, comfy pyjamas just right for running around the backyard or relaxing in front of a movie. MADC'S stocks a range of bright and bold boys' pyjamas that can easily go from daywear to sleepwear. Not enough room for your son's pyjamas in his overnight bag? Our pjs come complete with their own handy bag to make any sleepover complete.

Boys' sleepover game ideas

Sleepover games for boys will depend on the age of the party boy and his interests. Decorate your home in a theme that he enjoys - pirates, superheros or cars? For older boys, go for their favourite colour or sports team logos. With the decor done, try our cool ideas for pyjama party play!

  • A campout - Get the tents ready for a night under the stars. Have guests bring their own sleeping bag. For younger boys, a campout in the living room in sleeping bags will be just as fun.
  • Treasure hunt - Stock up on prizes and set up a treasure hunt using clues in the backyard. In the dark with torches can add that extra bit of fun for the older boys. Prizes could include lollies and small toys.
  • Board games - Have a range of age suitable board games on hand.
  • Torch bag - For older boys, a game of hide and seek in the backyard using torches is a cool adventure. For younger boys, try a game of hide and seek inside where they can also use torches to 'spot' each other (also called spotlight in the dark).
  • Fort building - Set the kids up with cardboard boxes, blankets and pillows and let them go on a building spree.
  • Car races - A race track set up for car races will suit all ages.
  • Movies - Once the kids have exhausted themselves with all the playing, set up a movie of the party boy's choice and everyone can relax in their new fort!

Wearing a comfy pair of pyjamas at the end of a fun sleepover (and even during all the games) will ensure they all have a good night's sleep!

Find out more about MADC'S range of boys pyjamas for your next boys' sleepover.

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Girls Sleepover Games April 23 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S Girls Pyjamas Sleepover Games

Sleepover Games for Girls

There has never been a better time to get out those stylish girls pyjamas than for a sleepover party! Whether you're a slumber party veteran, or about to take the plunge for the first time, our hints and tips on sleepover games will ensure a memorable night of fun for all involved.

Setting the style

Not that anyone needs an excuse for trendy girls pyjamas, but what better occasion than to whip them out for a girly sleepover party?! You could incorporate a sleepover party theme for all the guests to dress for; think love hearts, flowers or a colour theme.

MADCS has a beautiful range of girl's pyjamas that will be a sure hit at any party, and even have the added bonus of coming with their very own hip sleeping bag for carting around, perfect for their sleepover adventures!

Sleepover game ideas

The types of games you choose will be dependent upon the age of the party girl (and her guests). Here is a selection of ideas to get you started:

  • Manicures - Stock up on nail polish, buffers and nail art stickers. Older girls can do each other's nails, or alternatively hire a local teen looking for some side money to come and pamper them for an hour.
  • Facials - Look up homemade recipes, or buy store bought sachets for the ultimate sleepover indulgence!
  • Board games - Can be chosen for age appropriateness
  • Truth or dare - It's a good idea to keep a parent within earshot for this one, especially when it comes to the dares!
  • Treasure hunt - Hide a treasure of your choice in the house, and give the guests a set of clues as to where it's located. First person to find it, wins.
  • Create a keepsake - Buy a stack of plain white tshirts or pillowslips, and have each guest decorate for a party keepsake. Iron on transfers, paint, markers or tie dye are all great ideas for decorating with.
  • Karaoke - Always a winner, nothing gets a party started faster than a bunch of girls belting out their favourite tunes to their hearts content!
  • Fashion show - Grab a bunch of dress up supply's and let the girls each pick an outfit, then put on a fashion show for each other. Record it and play it back later for extra fun and giggles.

While they are parading their fashion show favourites, the girl's pyjamas could take centre stage for a fashion show all of their own!

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Children's Sleepwear April 09 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S childrens sleepwear

Children's Sleepwear - Making A Fashion Statement At Bedtime

What better way to encourage your son or daughter into the land of slumber than with some funky new children's sleepwear? But it's so important to remember that pyjamas are about so much more than sleeping. From the post-sleepover breakfast to the long night in front of the campfire, choose pyjamas that go from day to night and back again - with style!

Versatile children's sleepwear

When your child needs pyjamas for a special sleepover, family holiday or a night out at a neighbourhood BBQ, think outside the box and choose sleepwear that looks great day or night. There's some amazing sleepwear on the market these days, with bright coloured prints and on trend designs taking night time attire to a whole new level in the fashion stakes.

Look for a mix and match pyjama sets in urban designs, with crop pants and singlet tops or funky T's and cargos. There's no need to stick with the traditional flannelettes or nighties. And whether your child is a pink princess or a pirate in the making, pyjamas in durable, breathable fabrics will allow them to relax or let loose in equal measures.

Durable designs

Kids will be kids, and kids love to play! With so many trendy pyjamas on offer to kids these days, it's almost a shame to put them on just for bed! Save time and effort packing for the school camp or night at Grandma's when your child can sleep or play in the same gear. MADC'S has created a range of children's sleepwear that stands up to the games of even the most adventurous wearer, with quality features to ensure a long lasting product.

Choose pyjamas that make your child look good and feel good, and they'll get so much more out of their day!

Discover more about the MADC'S range of children's sleepwear here.

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Kids sleepwear for camping March 26 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids pyjamas made for camping

Top Tips for Packing Kids' Sleepwear for Camping

If you're an Australian family planning a camping trip during the Easter break, you're not alone! Camping is one of the most popular choices to get away for the extra long weekend and relax with the family. But with so much to pack, sleepwear that is light, durable and stores easily is essential. Here are some top tips to help you choose the best kids sleepwear to pack for a fun camping holiday.

Safety comes first with kids' pyjamas

Safety is paramount on any camping trip. From creatures to campfires, there's lots of potential danger around. Choosing the right clothing helps avoid some risks. Having light, long sleeved tops and pants does wonders for sun protection as well as keeping mozzie bites to a minimum. For fire safety, pure cotton clothing is useful as it does not attract flames from campfires. With safety in mind, MADC'S makes children's pyjamas that are 100% cotton, using breathable quality fabrics with the lowest possible fire risk rating for your peace of mind.

Comfort is a must

Comfort is not always the top priority when it comes to camping - you're planning to get away from home luxuries after all! But having comfortable kids' sleepwear is important to ensure the kids get a good night's sleep, making them ready for action the next day. PJs in breathable fabrics, that don't restrict movement or get tangled around legs in a sleeping bag are a must. Let's not forget the midnight toilet runs and bush toilets! Kids need sleepwear that is easy to get on and off in times of need in less than normal circumstances!

Durability in kids' sleepwear

Early mornings in the campsite often mean that kids don't want to get dressed right away. It's too much fun exploring, climbing trees and riding their bikes to be bothered with getting dressed. Packing pyjamas that can transition from night time to day time wear is a great way to avoid the stress that comes with wanting to dress a child who has their heart set on active fun. Not to mention that you can get those extra precious minutes in bed in the morning!

Laundry is a breeze

Depending on your campground surrounds, you may only have basic clothes washing facilities available. Choose sleepwear that is easy to wash and dries quickly. Delicate fabrics that need high maintenance hand washing mean wasted time. Light, durable fabrics that will survive a tough wash cycle and sun or tumble drying are your best option. At least you know the kids will have clean, comfortable pyjamas even if everything else in the campsite is dirty!

Choosing camping kids' sleepwear is easy at MADC'S. Choose from loads of fun kids' pyjamas with bright and funky colours that can easily go from daywear to sleepwear. If your bags are too full, there is no need to worry as they even come with a sleepover pyjama bag kids can pack and carry themselves to make any camping trip complete. Or let them wear their MADC'S in the car on the trip there - they are super comfy for short or long haul road trips!

Find out more about MADC'S kids sleepwear for your next camping trip.

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Kids sleepwear for Easter March 12 2015, 0 Comments

MADCS kids pyjamas at Easter

New Traditions for Easter

Are you dreading the chocolate fuelled frenzy that is Easter? Not withstanding the Christian tradition and meaning, Easter is really about spending time together and it doesn't need to revolve around chocolate. This year, why not create some new Easter traditions for your family? Gifts like new kids pyjamas or a special movie night are far more memorable than a quickly devoured egg.

Top tips for creating memories this Easter

If you're looking for some tips to create new, fun traditions this Easter, why not check out our tips:

  • Gifts that are not chocolate - Fresh gift ideas, like books, plants or cool kids sleepwear are becoming the new trend for gift giving at Easter. Grandparents are leading the way, skipping chocolate treats for something practical and longer lasting, like herbs they can plan with their grandkids, or funky pjs for the next family sleepover.
  • Easter Egg hunt - We all know chocolate is a 'sometimes' good, but kids do love their Easter eggs! Why not take a little of the focus off the eggs by making them part of a bigger activity, like a treasure hunt? You could sprinkle some Easter bunny footprints with clues for where they eggs are or hide some extra prizes like colourful pencils or bubbles to add to the excitement.
  • Activities to burn off all the chocolate - Once everyone has had their fill of treats, why not try a different activity to burn it all off? Do something out of the ordinary, like taking a train to the city, visiting a museum or going for a run around your city botanical gardens. Public attractions are often quieter than usual on the Easter weekend, which makes it a great time to start a new tradition of exploring your own city.
  • Have a movie night - After a fun-filled day, grab your comfiest pyjamas and settle in with popcorn, blankets and pillows for a family movie. There are plenty of Easter themed films to choose from, or opt for a classic that you'll be happy to watch again year after year.
  • Pyjama day - If you're not going out over the Easter break, why not let the kids have a pyjama day? Let them choose their favourite, brightest sleepwear and forget the stress of getting dressed. Play games that are sleepwear-related, such as a fashion parade, or let them go crazy in the dress up box and give out prizes for best or craziest dressed.

Choosing kids' sleepwear that can easily go from night time to day wear is a great option for an alternative Easter gift. With work and school off your mind, the kids can lounge around in comfortable gear from early morning chocolate discoveries to night time movie treats and, hopefully, get a good night's sleep!

Fin our more about MADC'S kids sleepwear for the next weekend.

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Boys Summer Pyjamas February 26 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S Boys Star Butt PJs for Adventurous Kids

What's Cool In Boys' Summer Pyjamas?

Are you looking for quality boys' summer pyjamas, guaranteed to excite the little man in your life? Read on for our tips on how to pick pyjamas every boy will love this summer.

Active sleepwear

Boys are renowned for their sense of adventure and active play, and night time is no exception. Whether they are going to a sleepover, building forts in the lounge room or creating a make believe escapade, they'll need to dress the part!

To ensure pyjamas are going to withstand rough and tumble play, look for quality materials and designs. Pyjamas made from 100% cotton fabric help keep kids cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It's also a super durable fabric, which means your pjs are built to last!

It's easy to focus on patterns and colours when you're choosing pyjamas, but it's good to take a few minutes to look at things like the seams - are they double stitched for extra strength? And how about the waist band? It is adjustable for growth and comfort?

Making sleep time fun

Even the most foolhardy adventurers must take a break to recoup for their next round of play. Unfortunately, they are not always the most willing participants when the time comes to wind down! Try shaking up your bedtime routine to make preparing for sleep more fun.

Lay out a few pairs of fun and funky pyjamas and encourage kids to choose their favourite. You could even have a theme for each night and match it with a story! Comfort is key when it comes to settling kids to sleep. Pyjamas made from soft, quality fabrics with lots of room to move ensure a comfortable - and more needed - rest throughout the night.

Individual bed time style

As kids grow, they enjoy experimenting with their own individual interests and styles. Look for designs that can be mixed and matched to suit the mood - or adventure - of the evening. Whether he's into bright, bold colours, or prefers a simple black and white design, every boy will be sure to find something that reflects his unique personality in MADC'S sleep attire.

For boys' summer pyjamas that are sure to be a hit, look for styles that are durable and hard wearing, with trendy designs to excite every little adventurer for sleep and play!

Discover more about the MADC'S range of boys summer pyjamas here.

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Creating a Bedtime Routine February 12 2015, 0 Comments

MADC'S Kids Summer Pyjamas

Creating a Bedtime Routine Using Kids' Summer Pyjamas

Aside from being comfortable to sleep in, kids' summer pyjamas can be a really handy part of your bedtime routine. When it comes to the end of a long, hot day, putting on pjs can become part of your nightly wind down activities. Here are a few ideas to help avoid bedtime battles over the summer months!

Setting a routine

The type of bedtime routine you set will vary according to your family's individual lifestyle. Some families have a set schedule for dinner time, baths and teeth cleaning, while other will take a more "go with the flow" approach to nightly activities. But, once the necessities have been taken care of, there are some fun rituals you can incorporate into a bedtime routine to encourage an enjoyable transition to bed.

Making it fun

Children enjoy choices, so try letting them pick out their own bedroom attire each night. Buy a few pairs of mix and match pyjamas and let them express their own unique style. To encourage creativity, try having themed nights, such as princess or pirate, and let them choose their pyjamas accordingly. Just make sure they have some quiet time after their games of make believe before hitting the hay!

Bedtime stories

Every child loves a bedtime story. It's a special way to bond with little ones, or something older kids can do on their own to settle their busy minds to sleep. Help your child choose their favourite book for the night, or remind you which chapter comes next in an ongoing adventure. They can match their pyjamas and book to your day's theme! For an easy craft activity, get the kids to make and colour their own bookmarks if they need quiet time during the day. Comfy pyjamas, a great story and a special, personalised bookmark makes for an imaginative but relaxing end to any day.

Comfort and style

Setting a night time bed routine during the hotter months of the year means balancing the 'must do' tasks with the optional extras that make bedtime something to look forward to. Choosing kids' summer pyjamas that are comfortable, flexible and cool is a great starting point. Bold colours and funky designs go a step further to helping your child create memorable bedtime adventures!

Discover more about the MADC'S range of girls summer pyjamas here or boys here.

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Quality sound sleep with pyjamas from MADC'S April 28 2014, 0 Comments

MADC'S girls pyjamas Cutie designThere were many reasons that Christie and I decided to start MADC'S kids sleepwear and pyjamas including wanting to share our fun, fabulous and creative designs, and way of life, with other children and families but one key and underlying philosophy was quality in all we do. For us this means offering great quality products at a fair and reasonable price. To us a great and quality product is a mixture of sensational and creative design, durable and comfortable fabrics, dyes that don't share themselves or fade ridiculously quickly, easy to care for and maintain and is made for wear and tear and hand-me-downs. We take the time to create and put all of these elements into our range of children's sleepwear and pyjamas, we test and re-test our products to ensure they are fit for purpose and go beyond your expectations, we ensure our dyes stay put and we have all of our fabrics pre-shrunk. To contribute our little bit to the environment, we design and manufacture for longevity rather than accommodating a disposable society. To us a fair and reasonable price takes into account the quality of life, reward and remuneration for the Chinese manufacturers and their employees that we select to make our products; we only buy from factories that we have personally visited, viewed the buildings and work rooms and also the working conditions; it also accommodates us being able to keep MADC'S going and also a price that you can afford. We are small but reaching big and trying to deliver on our goal of quality in everything we do so your kids can sleep soundly in MADC'S pyjamas.


Warm kids pyjamas doesn't have to mean flannelette April 10 2014, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids winter pyjamas

As cooler nights start to set in most of us worry about keeping kids warm in bed. Warm and cosy doesn't have to mean more is best when it comes to kids sleepwear. Kids naturally are 'hotter' sleepers than us grown up 'lizards' who tend to feel the cold much more than kids do. Kids metabolisms and whole bodies run at a faster rate than ours and this means that they generally tend of overheat in bed rather than get cold. But as most parents know, if kids get too hot or too cold they will wake up and therefore, most of the time, so do we! The key to remember is that 'more is definitely NOT more' when it comes to kids pyjamas. There is no need for flannelette fabric if you choose good quality kids sleepwear or pyjamas. In fact a lot of cheaper flannelette pyjamas can be less effective when compared to good quality knits or woven cotton fabrics. MADC'S kids pyjamas use only 100% cotton that is of extremely high quality and superlatively woven and knitted. This maximises strength and comfort but also ensures the weave and knits still breathe but are close enough to keep kids warm. Of course we still offer our fun and funky, loud and proud designs because there is no need to compromise style for warmth!


A sweet treat for anytime not just in your Pyjamas March 11 2014, 0 Comments

The Ultimate Chocolate-chip cookieWhat do you offer, if anything, for treats in school lunches, after school, for sleepovers or pyjama parties? After much soul searching and trying to find a snack that is delicious and can be considered a treat, I have found that homemade biscuits are a great hit. Even better, the ultimate chocolate chip cookie (or biscuit depending on which is your preference). At least I know the exact ingredients going into the biscuit, so I know exactly how I should 'ration' consumption of them but also I have found that cooking with the kids is a fun (albeit sometimes challenging) task as well as subtly educational. The kids are learning how to measure, count, read and where their food comes from. I am learning patience and how to cope with a bigger mess in the kitchen than normal. The end result is some fun mum and child time and food that is delicious and that the kids will happily eat (as well as the usual arguments over who gets to lick the beater). These biscuits are also fabulous for sleepovers, kids pyjama parties, or just with a cup of well deserved tea or coffee (adults of course)!

The Ultimate Chocolate-chip cookie

150g softened unsalted butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence (or extract)

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 3/4 cups plain flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

100g white chocolate cut into chunks (I use Aldi block chocolate)

200g milk chocolate cut into chunks ( I use Aldi block chocolate)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Beat sugar, vanilla and softened butter together until smooth, light and creamy. Beat in the lightly beaten egg. Stir in the sifted flour and baking powder. Then fold in the chunks of chocolate. Make sure mixed through well so you don't end up with any 'chocolate-less' cookies. Spoon about a normal spoonful of the mixture onto a nonstick baking tray or paper in a tray. Leave room for spreading of cookie as it cooks. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until browning on the edges. Cool for 2 minutes on tray before transferring to a wire rack. These are rich cookies so you don't need huge spoonfuls of mixture. If anything keep the spoonfuls a bit smaller than normal. I have varied the recipe slightly and added a few extra comments from those of the original recipe as taken from Marie Claire Style by Jody Vassallo.

Pyjama Parties and chocolate cake November 03 2013, 0 Comments

Are you a baker or a buyer? I was always a buyer before kids and now, more and more, I find that I enjoy baking and finding yummy recipes for fussy mouths - especially at party time! A few years back Christie, being super busy mum and school teacher, asked me to make a birthday cake for Angus - a chocolate coca cola cake! I had to google the recipe and have been making it ever since! A huge hit with all of our kids and family this recipe is really delicious and makes an ultra moist cake. There is very little, if any, nutritional value in this cake but it is oh so yummy - and OK for special occassions!

Coca Cola Chocolate Marshmellow cake

1 1/2 cups marshmellows

1/2 cup oil (vegetable or canola is good but any will do)

1/2 margarine (I use nuttlex but any margarine will do NOT butter) 

3 tablespoons cocoa

1 cup coca cola (fresh is good but flat will also do)

1 teaspoon bi-carb soda

2 eggs

1 1/4 cups castor sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 cup buttermilk (I always freeze in 1/2 cup portions what I don't use)

2 cups sifted self raising flour

1. Place marshmellows, oil, margarine, cocoa and coca cola in a saucepan.

2. Heat and stir until all melted - be careful not to burn so stir frequently to encourage melting. Mix in bi-carb soda.

3. Cream sugar and eggs together, add vanilla essence.

4. Gradually add sifted flour and buttermilk in turn to blend well into a dough like mixture

5. Add the melted mix from the saucepan to the cake dough. This will make a VERY running mixture do not worry it comes out fantastic.

6. Pour into cupcakes OR cake tin. For cake tin I always line with grease proof paper and also great the tin.

7. Preheat oven to 160 degrees. For cup cakes 20 minutes is usually long enough, for a full cake test at 45 mins but might need up to one hour depending on the oven. A skewer should easily come out and perhaps be even a little 'sticky' with mixture.

8. Very important to leave cool and shrink in the cake tin before you try taking it out. This cake is so moist that if you try to take it out too early it will break apart.



Dinner creations for MADC'S style sleepovers October 30 2013, 0 Comments

Are your kids at a sleepover age yet? Have you encountered the challenging nature of catering to taste-buds you are not used to? Being the big girl that Scarlett now is (or so she tells me) sleepovers have become a rather constant form of extended play-date. The first sleepover we hosted sent me into a bit of a stress flap! Not about what time was bedtime, the transformation of Scarlett's room into a cubby wonderland or the non-stop mess and fun but more about feeding someone else's child when they were not there to guide me as what they would and would not eat! After more than a few failures and kids going home with empty stomachs I have finally found the perfect sleepover dinner food - homemade pizzas! Easy to make but best of all the kids can make their own and if they make it they eat it - winners all round really!

I have found this super simple recipe for homemade pizza dough, it is easy enough that the kids can make it and they LOVE it both to eat and create. Hope your kiddies enjoy it! Oh and my big kid (aka husband) also loves them!

1 1/3 cups lukewarm water

7g dry yeast (I use a little more for a lighter fluffier base)

3 cups plain flour

1 teaspoon fine sea salt

1 tablespoon olive oil

as with all recipes good quality ingredients will produce a better result so choose good quality sea salt and olive oil.

In a small bowl whisk the warm (not hot) water and yeast to blend. Set aside for 5 mins ensure yeast is fully dissolved. In a food processor pulse the flour and salt to combine. Keep the motor running and pour in the yeast mixture and olive oil. Keep blending until it forms a ball that is smooth and elastic. Take out and cut into 4 portions. Roll into balls. The dough should be tacky but cleanly release from your hands. Place in a draft free area, covered in plastic wrap for at least 30 minutes until the dough doubles in size. Roll out with your hands and add pizza toppings!

Makes 4 pizzas

Thanks to Curtis Stone for this great recipe!

Kids pyjama parties MADC'S style September 16 2013, 0 Comments

Our mum was a Kindergarten teacher with a hugely creative mind and soul. Like most lucky kids, Christie and I have very fond and real memories of the fantastic parties that our mum used to create for us and her friends! We have shared some of these amazing party fun ideas with our kids and friends and added a few of our own along the way.

Lolly Flowers (pictured) are one of the party ideas that we have inherited from our mum. These are a great alternative to the more usual lolly bag or goodie bag that most kids take home from a party. They are filled with lollies in the middle but obviously they are much more appealing as a bunch of flowers! You can use them as a centre-piece of a party table as they look fabulous as a bunch of flowers. Then simply let the kids 'pick a flower' on their way home. The kids just rip or tear the cellophane or middle of the flower and hold the stalk (a crepe paper covered chopstick) while they 'pick' and enjoy the contents of the flower.

We have added and found many other cool and creative party ideas and added them to a few boards on our Pinterest page. To check them out click here or here.

If you would like to find out how to make these lolly flowers let us know by posting a comment here. If we get enough interest we might add some instructions onto our pinterest board(s). Oh, and by the way, they can be filled with anything not just lollies, popcorn is another great filling to use.


Never smile at a Crocodile - unless you are in MADC'S kids pyjamas September 09 2013, 0 Comments

Crocodiles for Christie and I played a big part in our imaginative play when we were young. As we mentioned back in our blog post of September 2009, we used to imagine waters infested with man eating crocodiles and only the cushions or table were 'safe ground'. For those of you who have seen any of our business cards and other printed communication you will know that the crocodile has kept its' place in our lives and now is part of MADC'S. So when we asked Christie's mother-in-law or as we call her - Gran Jack - to inject some life into our warehouse and retail space in Noosaville, she picked up on this crocodile theme. We now have this amazing painting at the front door of our warehouse, a constant reminder that for any kids who decide to push the boundaries of bedtime too far there is always a patient and waiting crocodile to help you along your way! Of course for those kids wearing fun and funky MADC'S kids pyjamas they will most likely be safe as they will be able to successfully jump all along the back of the crocodile right into bed and then turn around and smile at him! Thanks Gran Jack for this amazing and unique piece of artwork - we have some seriously talented and amazing people in our family!


Fun, Funky Fashion Pyjamas by MADC'S September 04 2013, 0 Comments

Do your kids love getting dressed up? Do they love showing off to the world? Do they bask in the spotlight? Well our kids do! So the opportunity to 'strut their stuff' down the catwalk was met with a mixture of nerves, excitement and a little bit of '...I am too cool for school'. On Saturday 24th August MADC'S participated in our first ever fashion parade and we had a lot of fun doing it. Scooters, trikes and skateboards and no accidents! Then cowgirls and Indians with handmade bows and no misfired arrows - what more could we ask of the kids? We love sharing the MADC'S world with anyone and everyone who will look or listen and it seemed there were a lot of people really enjoying it. The kids were a hive of adrenalin after the show and just loved being out there in front of others. This is absolutely one of the many benefits of running your own business and that business being about creative, fun and funky kids sleepwear. It makes the kids feel good about themselves and helps to build their confidence as they get the chance to show it off to the world and also invite their friends along for the ride! Thanks to our models Scarlett and Mac (of MADC'S) and Holly, Hamish, Kiani, Fynn, Kai, Keely and Camile and also to Mav who was the 'prop' person! Looking forward to many more fashion parades and all the 'fashion faux pas' that we will no doubt make along the way!