Warm kids pyjamas doesn't have to mean flannelette April 10 2014, 0 Comments

MADC'S kids winter pyjamas

As cooler nights start to set in most of us worry about keeping kids warm in bed. Warm and cosy doesn't have to mean more is best when it comes to kids sleepwear. Kids naturally are 'hotter' sleepers than us grown up 'lizards' who tend to feel the cold much more than kids do. Kids metabolisms and whole bodies run at a faster rate than ours and this means that they generally tend of overheat in bed rather than get cold. But as most parents know, if kids get too hot or too cold they will wake up and therefore, most of the time, so do we! The key to remember is that 'more is definitely NOT more' when it comes to kids pyjamas. There is no need for flannelette fabric if you choose good quality kids sleepwear or pyjamas. In fact a lot of cheaper flannelette pyjamas can be less effective when compared to good quality knits or woven cotton fabrics. MADC'S kids pyjamas use only 100% cotton that is of extremely high quality and superlatively woven and knitted. This maximises strength and comfort but also ensures the weave and knits still breathe but are close enough to keep kids warm. Of course we still offer our fun and funky, loud and proud designs because there is no need to compromise style for warmth!