Quality sound sleep with pyjamas from MADC'S April 28 2014, 0 Comments

MADC'S girls pyjamas Cutie designThere were many reasons that Christie and I decided to start MADC'S kids sleepwear and pyjamas including wanting to share our fun, fabulous and creative designs, and way of life, with other children and families but one key and underlying philosophy was quality in all we do. For us this means offering great quality products at a fair and reasonable price. To us a great and quality product is a mixture of sensational and creative design, durable and comfortable fabrics, dyes that don't share themselves or fade ridiculously quickly, easy to care for and maintain and is made for wear and tear and hand-me-downs. We take the time to create and put all of these elements into our range of children's sleepwear and pyjamas, we test and re-test our products to ensure they are fit for purpose and go beyond your expectations, we ensure our dyes stay put and we have all of our fabrics pre-shrunk. To contribute our little bit to the environment, we design and manufacture for longevity rather than accommodating a disposable society. To us a fair and reasonable price takes into account the quality of life, reward and remuneration for the Chinese manufacturers and their employees that we select to make our products; we only buy from factories that we have personally visited, viewed the buildings and work rooms and also the working conditions; it also accommodates us being able to keep MADC'S going and also a price that you can afford. We are small but reaching big and trying to deliver on our goal of quality in everything we do so your kids can sleep soundly in MADC'S pyjamas.