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MADC'S Girls Pyjamas Sleepover Games

Sleepover Games for Girls

There has never been a better time to get out those stylish girls pyjamas than for a sleepover party! Whether you're a slumber party veteran, or about to take the plunge for the first time, our hints and tips on sleepover games will ensure a memorable night of fun for all involved.

Setting the style

Not that anyone needs an excuse for trendy girls pyjamas, but what better occasion than to whip them out for a girly sleepover party?! You could incorporate a sleepover party theme for all the guests to dress for; think love hearts, flowers or a colour theme.

MADCS has a beautiful range of girl's pyjamas that will be a sure hit at any party, and even have the added bonus of coming with their very own hip sleeping bag for carting around, perfect for their sleepover adventures!

Sleepover game ideas

The types of games you choose will be dependent upon the age of the party girl (and her guests). Here is a selection of ideas to get you started:

  • Manicures - Stock up on nail polish, buffers and nail art stickers. Older girls can do each other's nails, or alternatively hire a local teen looking for some side money to come and pamper them for an hour.
  • Facials - Look up homemade recipes, or buy store bought sachets for the ultimate sleepover indulgence!
  • Board games - Can be chosen for age appropriateness
  • Truth or dare - It's a good idea to keep a parent within earshot for this one, especially when it comes to the dares!
  • Treasure hunt - Hide a treasure of your choice in the house, and give the guests a set of clues as to where it's located. First person to find it, wins.
  • Create a keepsake - Buy a stack of plain white tshirts or pillowslips, and have each guest decorate for a party keepsake. Iron on transfers, paint, markers or tie dye are all great ideas for decorating with.
  • Karaoke - Always a winner, nothing gets a party started faster than a bunch of girls belting out their favourite tunes to their hearts content!
  • Fashion show - Grab a bunch of dress up supply's and let the girls each pick an outfit, then put on a fashion show for each other. Record it and play it back later for extra fun and giggles.

While they are parading their fashion show favourites, the girl's pyjamas could take centre stage for a fashion show all of their own!

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