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MADC'S Kids Summer Pyjamas

Creating a Bedtime Routine Using Kids' Summer Pyjamas

Aside from being comfortable to sleep in, kids' summer pyjamas can be a really handy part of your bedtime routine. When it comes to the end of a long, hot day, putting on pjs can become part of your nightly wind down activities. Here are a few ideas to help avoid bedtime battles over the summer months!

Setting a routine

The type of bedtime routine you set will vary according to your family's individual lifestyle. Some families have a set schedule for dinner time, baths and teeth cleaning, while other will take a more "go with the flow" approach to nightly activities. But, once the necessities have been taken care of, there are some fun rituals you can incorporate into a bedtime routine to encourage an enjoyable transition to bed.

Making it fun

Children enjoy choices, so try letting them pick out their own bedroom attire each night. Buy a few pairs of mix and match pyjamas and let them express their own unique style. To encourage creativity, try having themed nights, such as princess or pirate, and let them choose their pyjamas accordingly. Just make sure they have some quiet time after their games of make believe before hitting the hay!

Bedtime stories

Every child loves a bedtime story. It's a special way to bond with little ones, or something older kids can do on their own to settle their busy minds to sleep. Help your child choose their favourite book for the night, or remind you which chapter comes next in an ongoing adventure. They can match their pyjamas and book to your day's theme! For an easy craft activity, get the kids to make and colour their own bookmarks if they need quiet time during the day. Comfy pyjamas, a great story and a special, personalised bookmark makes for an imaginative but relaxing end to any day.

Comfort and style

Setting a night time bed routine during the hotter months of the year means balancing the 'must do' tasks with the optional extras that make bedtime something to look forward to. Choosing kids' summer pyjamas that are comfortable, flexible and cool is a great starting point. Bold colours and funky designs go a step further to helping your child create memorable bedtime adventures!

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