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MADC'S childrens sleepwear

Children's Sleepwear - Making A Fashion Statement At Bedtime

What better way to encourage your son or daughter into the land of slumber than with some funky new children's sleepwear? But it's so important to remember that pyjamas are about so much more than sleeping. From the post-sleepover breakfast to the long night in front of the campfire, choose pyjamas that go from day to night and back again - with style!

Versatile children's sleepwear

When your child needs pyjamas for a special sleepover, family holiday or a night out at a neighbourhood BBQ, think outside the box and choose sleepwear that looks great day or night. There's some amazing sleepwear on the market these days, with bright coloured prints and on trend designs taking night time attire to a whole new level in the fashion stakes.

Look for a mix and match pyjama sets in urban designs, with crop pants and singlet tops or funky T's and cargos. There's no need to stick with the traditional flannelettes or nighties. And whether your child is a pink princess or a pirate in the making, pyjamas in durable, breathable fabrics will allow them to relax or let loose in equal measures.

Durable designs

Kids will be kids, and kids love to play! With so many trendy pyjamas on offer to kids these days, it's almost a shame to put them on just for bed! Save time and effort packing for the school camp or night at Grandma's when your child can sleep or play in the same gear. MADC'S has created a range of children's sleepwear that stands up to the games of even the most adventurous wearer, with quality features to ensure a long lasting product.

Choose pyjamas that make your child look good and feel good, and they'll get so much more out of their day!

Discover more about the MADC'S range of children's sleepwear here.

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