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Kids Pyjamas a Christmas Eve Tradition

Kids Pyjamas 

Christmas is a magical time of the year for families, but the lead up to the silly season can be chaotic to say the least! When Christmas Eve comes around, it's time for the hustle and bustle to end and the festivities to begin. Why not start a new Christmas tradition in your home this year? It all starts with some awesome pyjamas or funky sleepware!

Special Christmas Eve menu

Christmas Eve is all about spending quality time with family; and what's a gathering without food? Getting the kids involved in creating a preparing special menu with all the Christmas trimmings is lots of fun and a great way to get everyone into the mood for a cosy night together.

Open one special gift

Imagine this. You've just finished your fabulous dinner and the kids are eagerly anticipating Santa's entry (chimney or however he arrives). Carols are playing in the background, and there are giggles and laughter filling the room. When it comes time for kids to pop on their pjs, surprise them with something special. Let them open one present that's been sitting under the tree. Just one! It's a brand new pair of pyjamas, perfect for getting comfy on the most exciting night of the year and then to wake up in on Christmas morning.


When it comes to choosing designs, the best part is that everyone can have a different pair that best shows off their personality. Think super hero themes or girly hearts and flowers! The funky pyjamas at MADC'S are soft and flexible, but cool enough for kids to be the envy of all their friends. Kids are not embarrassed to be seen in their MADC'S.

After the long build up to Christmas, make Christmas Eve a 'family only' night to remember. Pop on new pjs and snuggle down together for a special Christmas movie, game or bedtime story. With any luck they'll even fall asleep early thanks to this charming new tradition,.

Browse the full range of cotton pyjamas by MADC'S today and surprise the kids with sleepwear this Christmas Eve.

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