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MADCS kids pyjamas at Easter

New Traditions for Easter

Are you dreading the chocolate fuelled frenzy that is Easter? Not withstanding the Christian tradition and meaning, Easter is really about spending time together and it doesn't need to revolve around chocolate. This year, why not create some new Easter traditions for your family? Gifts like new kids pyjamas or a special movie night are far more memorable than a quickly devoured egg.

Top tips for creating memories this Easter

If you're looking for some tips to create new, fun traditions this Easter, why not check out our tips:

  • Gifts that are not chocolate - Fresh gift ideas, like books, plants or cool kids sleepwear are becoming the new trend for gift giving at Easter. Grandparents are leading the way, skipping chocolate treats for something practical and longer lasting, like herbs they can plan with their grandkids, or funky pjs for the next family sleepover.
  • Easter Egg hunt - We all know chocolate is a 'sometimes' good, but kids do love their Easter eggs! Why not take a little of the focus off the eggs by making them part of a bigger activity, like a treasure hunt? You could sprinkle some Easter bunny footprints with clues for where they eggs are or hide some extra prizes like colourful pencils or bubbles to add to the excitement.
  • Activities to burn off all the chocolate - Once everyone has had their fill of treats, why not try a different activity to burn it all off? Do something out of the ordinary, like taking a train to the city, visiting a museum or going for a run around your city botanical gardens. Public attractions are often quieter than usual on the Easter weekend, which makes it a great time to start a new tradition of exploring your own city.
  • Have a movie night - After a fun-filled day, grab your comfiest pyjamas and settle in with popcorn, blankets and pillows for a family movie. There are plenty of Easter themed films to choose from, or opt for a classic that you'll be happy to watch again year after year.
  • Pyjama day - If you're not going out over the Easter break, why not let the kids have a pyjama day? Let them choose their favourite, brightest sleepwear and forget the stress of getting dressed. Play games that are sleepwear-related, such as a fashion parade, or let them go crazy in the dress up box and give out prizes for best or craziest dressed.

Choosing kids' sleepwear that can easily go from night time to day wear is a great option for an alternative Easter gift. With work and school off your mind, the kids can lounge around in comfortable gear from early morning chocolate discoveries to night time movie treats and, hopefully, get a good night's sleep!

Fin our more about MADC'S kids sleepwear for the next weekend.

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