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MADC'S kids pyjamas made for camping

Top Tips for Packing Kids' Sleepwear for Camping

If you're an Australian family planning a camping trip during the Easter break, you're not alone! Camping is one of the most popular choices to get away for the extra long weekend and relax with the family. But with so much to pack, sleepwear that is light, durable and stores easily is essential. Here are some top tips to help you choose the best kids sleepwear to pack for a fun camping holiday.

Safety comes first with kids' pyjamas

Safety is paramount on any camping trip. From creatures to campfires, there's lots of potential danger around. Choosing the right clothing helps avoid some risks. Having light, long sleeved tops and pants does wonders for sun protection as well as keeping mozzie bites to a minimum. For fire safety, pure cotton clothing is useful as it does not attract flames from campfires. With safety in mind, MADC'S makes children's pyjamas that are 100% cotton, using breathable quality fabrics with the lowest possible fire risk rating for your peace of mind.

Comfort is a must

Comfort is not always the top priority when it comes to camping - you're planning to get away from home luxuries after all! But having comfortable kids' sleepwear is important to ensure the kids get a good night's sleep, making them ready for action the next day. PJs in breathable fabrics, that don't restrict movement or get tangled around legs in a sleeping bag are a must. Let's not forget the midnight toilet runs and bush toilets! Kids need sleepwear that is easy to get on and off in times of need in less than normal circumstances!

Durability in kids' sleepwear

Early mornings in the campsite often mean that kids don't want to get dressed right away. It's too much fun exploring, climbing trees and riding their bikes to be bothered with getting dressed. Packing pyjamas that can transition from night time to day time wear is a great way to avoid the stress that comes with wanting to dress a child who has their heart set on active fun. Not to mention that you can get those extra precious minutes in bed in the morning!

Laundry is a breeze

Depending on your campground surrounds, you may only have basic clothes washing facilities available. Choose sleepwear that is easy to wash and dries quickly. Delicate fabrics that need high maintenance hand washing mean wasted time. Light, durable fabrics that will survive a tough wash cycle and sun or tumble drying are your best option. At least you know the kids will have clean, comfortable pyjamas even if everything else in the campsite is dirty!

Choosing camping kids' sleepwear is easy at MADC'S. Choose from loads of fun kids' pyjamas with bright and funky colours that can easily go from daywear to sleepwear. If your bags are too full, there is no need to worry as they even come with a sleepover pyjama bag kids can pack and carry themselves to make any camping trip complete. Or let them wear their MADC'S in the car on the trip there - they are super comfy for short or long haul road trips!

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