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MADC'S boys pyjamas for outside sleepovers

Sleepover Games for Boys

Organising a fun boys' sleepover can be challenging as a parent. Our advice? Keep it simple. Pull out some comfy, durable boys' pyjamas and plan a few games or create a night of fun and adventure. Read on for our top tips on sleepover games for boys!

Boys' pyjama fun

For starters, your boys will need some fun, comfy pyjamas just right for running around the backyard or relaxing in front of a movie. MADC'S stocks a range of bright and bold boys' pyjamas that can easily go from daywear to sleepwear. Not enough room for your son's pyjamas in his overnight bag? Our pjs come complete with their own handy bag to make any sleepover complete.

Boys' sleepover game ideas

Sleepover games for boys will depend on the age of the party boy and his interests. Decorate your home in a theme that he enjoys - pirates, superheros or cars? For older boys, go for their favourite colour or sports team logos. With the decor done, try our cool ideas for pyjama party play!

  • A campout - Get the tents ready for a night under the stars. Have guests bring their own sleeping bag. For younger boys, a campout in the living room in sleeping bags will be just as fun.
  • Treasure hunt - Stock up on prizes and set up a treasure hunt using clues in the backyard. In the dark with torches can add that extra bit of fun for the older boys. Prizes could include lollies and small toys.
  • Board games - Have a range of age suitable board games on hand.
  • Torch bag - For older boys, a game of hide and seek in the backyard using torches is a cool adventure. For younger boys, try a game of hide and seek inside where they can also use torches to 'spot' each other (also called spotlight in the dark).
  • Fort building - Set the kids up with cardboard boxes, blankets and pillows and let them go on a building spree.
  • Car races - A race track set up for car races will suit all ages.
  • Movies - Once the kids have exhausted themselves with all the playing, set up a movie of the party boy's choice and everyone can relax in their new fort!

Wearing a comfy pair of pyjamas at the end of a fun sleepover (and even during all the games) will ensure they all have a good night's sleep!

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