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MADC'S kids pyjamas camping essentials

The 5 Must Haves For Your Next Camping Trip

Are you heading out for a camping holiday or weekend? You've probably got the basics sorted, like tents and sleeping bags. But there are a few other 'must have' items that can make your holiday or getaway complete!

Whether you're heading for the hills or relaxing by the sea, here is our list of five must haves for any camping trip.

Good Board Games

A few good board games are essential for some quiet family time at the end of a busy day or if your're hit with bad weather. Games like Jenga, Twister or Pictionary can be great for all ages. Just bend the rules a little for younger kids! All these games have minimal small pieces, too, making them easy to transport and ensuring so you won't accidentally leave half the game behind at your campsite when you leave.

A deck of cards as well as Uno are also essential for the camping kit! A great way to get everyone involved including inviting neighbouring campers.

Good book

Once all the adventure and fun has wound down for the day, a good book can please everyone from adults to the smallest of babies. Make sure you pack a range of books to suit your families' needs. Even if you child doesn't enjoy sitting and listening to a story, consider books where they have to find a particular item in the picture. Where's Wally, the I spy series or Animalia by Graeme Base can provide hours of searching fun.

Comfortable and durable clothes

Comfort is a must for camping, as are clothes that are tough and can sustain climbing in trees, hiking hills and riding bikes. The best camping clothes should also be 'wash and wear' - forget things that need ironing or can only be washed on the 'delicate' cycle. Shared campsite washing machines can be tough on clothes, and you may well be drying them on a rock in the sun. With comfort in mind, MADC'S has a great range of kids' pyjamas that can be worn day or night. They stand up to the tough test too!

Hats and sunscreen

Another must for your next camping holiday is plenty of protection to keep the adults and kids sun-safe. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen, hats and rash shirts for the water. Long sleeved, light clothing is best to protect your littlies' skin from the harsh sun.


Nothing says camping like a bag of marshmellows. Depending on the length of your stay, you may need to take a few packets. Find some sticks and experiment with toasting different flavours over your fire. The kids will love this tasty night time ritual.

MADC'S has loads of cool kids' pyjamas in bright and funky colours, ideal for your next camping holiday.

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