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MADC'S 5 essentials for a beach holiday

What To Pack When You Are Hitting The Beach

The school holidays are the perfect time to head to the beach. It's great to go for a few days, too, so you can really settle in and start to relax. You won't forget the towels or swimmers, but what else should you be packing? We've listed 5 essential items to include in your beach bag these school holidays.

5 must haves for your beach holiday

To get the most down time out of your beach holiday, it's important to pack carefully. From appropriate beach wear to distractions for the kids, the better you prepare yourself, the more fun you'll have.

1. Sun protection

The number one item on any beach list is sunscreen. Keeping your kids and yourself protected from the sun is a high priority. Make sure you have enough for the duration of the holiday, with a sufficient SPF rating for your kids' skin. Don't forget to reapply after swimming! Hats are important, too. Keep kids and adults shaded on the beach with wide brimmed hats that provide protection from the sun.

2. Clothes

When it comes to beach clothes, you won't need anything too heavy. Light shorts, t-shirts and cotton dresses for the girls will be enough to get you through. If you plan to head out to dinner, make sure you bring one nice outfit that doesn't require too much ironing or special care. Generally beachside restaurants are more laid back than their city counterparts.

3. Sleepwear

Comfy sleepwear is just as important as practical day clothes for a beach holiday. Lightweight pyjamas that are 100% cotton and breathable are the best type. Packing lightweight pyjamas, especially for the kids, will also free up space for heavier items, like toys or games.

4. A good book

Once of the best things about a beach holiday is relaxing by the water with a good book. Books are a great way to keep adults and kids entertained through the day, and to help settle everyone to sleep at night. Pack a range suitable for the whole family - or choose a beach themed book as a souvenir for the kids from their holiday.

5. Sports equipment

It wouldn't be an Australian beach holiday without a game of cricket on the beach. Make sure you pack plenty of play equipment such as tennis balls (for cricket, handball or catch), a cricket bat and stumps, a ball and a Frisbee. A few key items will mean that a number of different types of activities can keep everyone occupied for a fun beach holiday.

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