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Comfortable kids pyjamas by MADC'S

Why Comfort Is A Must At Bedtime

Every parent knows the value of a good night's sleep. You'll start the day with all the energy and patience you need to look after your family - and your kids will do their best playing, learning and growing! Choosing the right pyjamas plays a big part in helping your children wind down and settle into bed. Read on for our tips on picking the best children's pyjamas!

Comfort comes first with children's sleepwear

Comfortable children's pyjamas are a must in helping busy kids go from non stop play to a relaxed night time mood. With a huge variety of sleepwear options available, it's tough to pick out the best type to make sure your child is comfortable at night time. Here's what to look for:

Quality materials are a great start

At MADC'S, our children's pyjamas are 100% cotton, making them cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Cotton is also a breathable fabric. Children can get very sweaty overnight, and with the rise of allergies and itchy skin conditions, it's important to find pjs that allow a little airflow to your kids' skin. Good quality fabrics also avoid harsh chemicals and dyes, making them safer for your child and less likely to cause or aggravate allergic reactions.

Loose fitting is best

Trying to sleep with tight fitting, restrictive pyjamas is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous for your child. Cutting off circulation is a risk at bedtime so it's important to choose loose fitting pyjamas that allow your child to move freely. Adjustable elements in your pyjamas, like drawstring waists or roll up cuffs, can also help children to arrange their pyjamas to suit the season - or their mood or personal requirements - for maximum comfort.

For children's pyjamas that promote comfort at night time, choose quality breathable fabrics and an adjustable, flexible fit. Your kids will thank you - and you'll thank them for a great night's sleep!

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