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MADC'S girls pyjamas for princesses

What Princesses Wear To Bed

Are you looking for girls' sleepwear that is fit for a princess? It's not all about lace and frills for today's royal little ladies. Your modern princess can do hot pink or bold blue with equal flair - as long as she can dance, jump and play before bed! Read on for some tips on how to choose girls' sleepwear for your little princess.

Start with a colour she'll love

Pink is the traditional colour for little princesses, from pastel to candy, there's a shade to suit every young lady. But girls' sleepwear doesn't have to be pink. In fact even the fairytale princesses take the odd risk on colour! Think of blues and whites like Cinderella, or yellow and gold like Belle? Whether you have a traditional princess or your daughter is more like a modern day Rapunzel who would help herself out of the castle, choose pyjamas in a colour that makes your little one feel special.

Soft, flexible fabrics for sensitive royal skin

Princesses are renowned for their flowing, soft dresses but these days, a princess might also need to be ready for adventure at short notice. Choosing girls' sleepwear that's 100% cotton is the perfect compromise. It's flexible and breathable for daytime activities, but cool and cosy enough for her to doze as soundly as Sleeping Beauty.

Sleepwear fashions for the modern princess

What else do you think of when it comes to princess attire? A fitted bodice? A huge hooped skirt? The fantasy doesn't always match with the reality of a good night's sleep! Instead, try a funky singlet top with mix and match pants for the summer months. Add a long sleeved top to get year round fun out of your princess' cool pyjamas. A tutu of course, can be worn over almost anything!

For girls' sleepwear to suit the modern day princess, choose quality fabrics in comfortable, colourful styles. A well rested princess is a happy princess. Save the cumbersome layers of tulle for special occasions!

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