A parent's all-seeing eye October 09 2008, 0 Comments

The thing I love the most about being a parent is letting the kids have adventures. Running around, using their imaginations, even getting into scrapes – it's all part of learning and growing, and most importantly, it's part of having fun. My sister and I had so much freedom as kids, and I think we're the better for it.

But just as important is a parent's all-seeing eye. It's always in the background, unnoticed by the kids, allowing them that sense of freedom while taking everything in. Just making sure they're safe, and enjoying watching them grow into amazing people.

That's what our MADC'S logo represents to us, with the benign eye hovering above the letters that symbolise all of us as kids. It's all encompassing and loving, all-seeing but never overbearing.

xx Sophie