Into the Orient June 09 2009, 0 Comments

China has always had an exotic allure for me. I was living in Shanghai when I was pregnant with my daughter, Scarlett, and I think that's why we both feel such a special connection with the place. I've visited China many times for work and for inspiration, and last year Scarlett and I travelled there together for the second time since her birth. It's exciting to be able to show her more of the world.
As part of our trip, we investigated the operations of a number of clothing manufacturers. MADC'S will soon be sample testing, and my 13-plus years of producing clothing and bedding in China have convinced me that manufacturing there is the best way to secure the highest quality and best value for our customers. We'll be making sure that our "sleepware" lives up to it's hard-wearing promise. We will also personally ensure that the working and living conditions of anyone we employ are up to our very high standards.
xx Sophie