It all began with crocodiles September 01 2009, 0 Comments

For most kids, the novelty of visiting Dad’s office soon wears off, as they tire of this serious adult world, full of serious adults talking about serious adult things. But for Sophie and I, imagination took flight with the beautiful Saarinen Tulip armchairs that populated Dad’s boardroom. In our minds, their floral shape became lillypads we could strategically arrange, transforming the room into a thrillingly scary rainforest river. The water in the river (what grown-ups call "the floor") was trecharous with crocodiles ready to pounce, so we’d leap from lillypad to lillypad, out of reach of their gaping jaws.
We’re so grateful that Dad kept those chairs and the boardroom table. They’re now part of MADC’S, with pride of place in our very own meeting area (which occasionally doubles as a scary rainforest river).
xx Christie