Vibrant Vietnam February 20 2010, 0 Comments

Not all kids embrace being away from toys, animals, family and friends for a long period of time - and my daughter Scarlett is no exception to that!
Still, I continue to introduce her to new experiences and places, including a recent trip to Vietnam. We have such fun together, just Scarlett and I, travelling the world discovering new things.
I suppose it is about retreating from the routine and monotony of weekly life and the excitement of diving into new adventures.
So off we went on a five-week journey, exploring the culture, sights, sounds, food and people of beautiful Vietnam.
While we were there we also investigated production capabilities for MAD C'S - Vietnam proved to align well with MADC’S  with its focus on family life, general wellbeing and living and working harmoniously within our environment.
2010 is going to be full launch year for MADC’S with adventures and slumber parties for all! We are looking forward to catching up with our friends and family later in the year when we will give you a true taste of the MADC’S world.
xx Sophie