Tickle Kisses April 04 2013, 0 Comments

Girls PJs for play and fun by MADC'S

I can still vividly remember how mum used to play tickle kisses with us most nights before lights out. I can also remember those of our friends, and cousins, that loved it and those who were so hideously ticklish that even the call out for tickle kisses could bring on tears! For those parents who LOVE to tickle - and let's face it who doesn't - here are some guidelines:

What you need - one parent, one tickly child (or multiple)

What do to - Parent tickles child constantly telling them that they are not going to stop until they get a kiss of excellent quality. No sloppiness, no half kisses, no laughing kisses it has to be a fully formed, perfect and loving kiss - with hug included! Game stops once the parent deems the kiss received is acceptable or until both of you have sore sides from laughing too much. Remember to laugh out loud - like the neighbours aren't listening! Works on any age - an oldie but a goodie!