Best time of anyday May 22 2013, 0 Comments

Morning PJs by MADC'S at Peregian MarketWe definitely knew we were alive last Sunday when we arrived in Peregian Beach, at 5:30am, to set up our market stall. With fingers that wouldn't work, toes that felt like they were about to snap and hair so crisp it felt like it would shatter, we set up our stall in the dark. From the beginning, we were seriously questioning our choices and willingness to share the MADC'S world with others...but then the sun woke up and rose over the horizon, the mad-dog surfers were running down the footpath in their full length steamers, with go-pros and other camera gear. We've both had children and been woken up for years before we were ready, but this morning we were reminded of the best part of the day and why we used to stay up all night to see it BEFORE our little adventurers entered our lives!

Life on the Sunshine Coast, and wherever you have the chance to watch the sun rise over the sea is fantastic!

xx Sophie