Eat Play Sleep... May 30 2013, 0 Comments

Which order of the words Eat, Play, Sleep makes sense to you?

Eat, Play, Sleep or Eat, Sleep, Play or Play, Eat, Sleep? We at MADC'S think the the cycle of these words truly reflect what MADC'S PJs are all about...dressed for bed but ready for play. Truly super comfortable, hard wearing, sleepwear for anytime or anywhere, not just bed time.

The kids get home from school (or just mid afternoon) get into their MADC'S pyjama's, a snack to go and off to play with neighbourhood friends or in the backyard, in for dinner & [unfortunately] a shower or bath, bed-time games, a story and then when you (and they) least expect it - sleep! Wake up the next morning and the kids are already dressed to play and so the cycle can go with MADC'S sleepwear.

We also like the link that it has to that fabulous book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't read it yet - do so - and if you have check out what Elizabeth is up to these days by clicking here

xx Sophie