Pyjamas for Play June 03 2013, 0 Comments

Girls PJs Nightingale Carrot Cake MADC'SThe weather has really turned cold now - even on the Sunshine Coast where MADC'S live. Last weekend we finally had a lazy, nothing to do but play Saturday and Scarlett was still comfortably in her MADCS pyjamas and Ugg boots well into the afternoon (does that make me a bad mum?). Just before lunchtime (and as a reminder of food time drawing near) I was offered a piece of carrot cake (pictured) and a cup of tea (unfortunately not the real deal) from the imaginative world of Scarlett! What do your kids do on cold, wet and lazy weekend days? 

Oh and if you LOVE the 'real deal' carrot cake (like I do) click here for a yummy recipe!

xx Sophie