Stylish Sleepwear Slumber Bags June 25 2013, 0 Comments

kids-PJs-sleepwear-sleepover-bag-by-MADCSBecause of the very social nature of our parents I found it was necessary to have a permanently packed sleepover bag when I was growing up. In it you would find a toothbrush, hairbrush, a change of clothes, my third most favourite sleeping toy (the first and second favourites always took pride of place on my bed) with enough room left to quickly and easily stuff in my PJs and of course the essential - pillow. It was used on a regular basis (although not all of the contents were) and meant that I was happy to fall asleep where ever I found myself at night. As with all accessories though, I chose a bag that was worthy of accompanying me out the front door and with keeping that in mind we designed and created the MADC'S PJs sleepover bag. These bags come complimentary for anyone who buys a complete set (top and pants) of MADC'S kids PJs but are also available for purchase. Fun and funky, stylish and cool, as you can see they are a great fashion accessory (as well as being functional). Leave one permanently packed at the Grandparents or cousins house or better still in the car!

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