Kids in Pyjamas Dogs in the Bed? July 29 2013, 0 Comments

MADCS Kids Pyjamas Family Dog TazDo you have a family dog? Or perhaps a cat? How important are they as a member of your family? Tazzie, the kelpie/border collie cross, is a HUGE part of the MADC'S family. She was bred, born and bought in Robe in South Australia, bought back to Melbourne by a then work colleague of mine and as soon as I saw her I knew she was the perfect canine companion for Dane and Gus (Angus) in particular. As she was needing a new home, I emailed a picture of her to Dane, and the next day she was on a flight from Tullamarine to the Sunshine Coast airport. Dane met her there and she has been with us ever since. Anyone who knows her, appreciates just how amazing she is and why we all got the shock of our lives a couple of weeks ago when she somehow took herself under a moving trailer. In true Taz style she fought back, paid no heed to the damage to her tail and has decided to stay with us albeit with a new look tail. Taz loves to run, round up the kids on the beach, announce the arrival of friends, family or unknown with unique barks, and LOVES to sleep on the bed when she can. What is your family pet story?