Sunshine or Sunrise MADC'S Sleepwear love where we live August 12 2013, 0 Comments

Noosa Heads Main Beach SunriseThe MADC'S family live in a beautiful part of what is our great country Australia. You will find us on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and more specifically Sunshine and Sunrise Beach which are both a stones throw from Noosa Heads. Christie and I used to spend holidays at Noosa Heads with our family as children. We have photos of us on Hastings Street, Main Beach in 1972 when there were not too many apartments and what is now the Sheraton Hotel was a caravan park. Christie and Dane lead the charge for the MADC'S family moving up here as permanent residents back in the very early 1990s, I joined them nearly eight years ago now. All of our children have been born in Queensland and have known no other place than Sunshine and Sunrise Beach as home! They have never lived in a city - although they have visited quite a few. This picture clearly shows that Noosa Main Beach and Laguna Bay is still just as beautiful as it always has been albeit there are a lot more people around now!  Click here to see our Pinterest board for more amazing photos of - you guessed it - where we live!