Fun, Funky Fashion Pyjamas by MADC'S September 04 2013, 0 Comments

Do your kids love getting dressed up? Do they love showing off to the world? Do they bask in the spotlight? Well our kids do! So the opportunity to 'strut their stuff' down the catwalk was met with a mixture of nerves, excitement and a little bit of '...I am too cool for school'. On Saturday 24th August MADC'S participated in our first ever fashion parade and we had a lot of fun doing it. Scooters, trikes and skateboards and no accidents! Then cowgirls and Indians with handmade bows and no misfired arrows - what more could we ask of the kids? We love sharing the MADC'S world with anyone and everyone who will look or listen and it seemed there were a lot of people really enjoying it. The kids were a hive of adrenalin after the show and just loved being out there in front of others. This is absolutely one of the many benefits of running your own business and that business being about creative, fun and funky kids sleepwear. It makes the kids feel good about themselves and helps to build their confidence as they get the chance to show it off to the world and also invite their friends along for the ride! Thanks to our models Scarlett and Mac (of MADC'S) and Holly, Hamish, Kiani, Fynn, Kai, Keely and Camile and also to Mav who was the 'prop' person! Looking forward to many more fashion parades and all the 'fashion faux pas' that we will no doubt make along the way!