Never smile at a Crocodile - unless you are in MADC'S kids pyjamas September 09 2013, 0 Comments

Crocodiles for Christie and I played a big part in our imaginative play when we were young. As we mentioned back in our blog post of September 2009, we used to imagine waters infested with man eating crocodiles and only the cushions or table were 'safe ground'. For those of you who have seen any of our business cards and other printed communication you will know that the crocodile has kept its' place in our lives and now is part of MADC'S. So when we asked Christie's mother-in-law or as we call her - Gran Jack - to inject some life into our warehouse and retail space in Noosaville, she picked up on this crocodile theme. We now have this amazing painting at the front door of our warehouse, a constant reminder that for any kids who decide to push the boundaries of bedtime too far there is always a patient and waiting crocodile to help you along your way! Of course for those kids wearing fun and funky MADC'S kids pyjamas they will most likely be safe as they will be able to successfully jump all along the back of the crocodile right into bed and then turn around and smile at him! Thanks Gran Jack for this amazing and unique piece of artwork - we have some seriously talented and amazing people in our family!