How a love of designer kids pyjamas became the MADC'S sleepwear adventure!

All seeing eyeThe always present, but never obvious all seeing parents eye, subtly watching and guiding the adventures but never dictating, instructing or stifling the imagination.
Once upon a time there were two sisters - Sophie and Christie - who loved designer kids pyjamas and wondered how they could turn their passion for childrens sleepwear into a fun family business. Together they created MADC'S (mad seas!), the coolest place to buy kids pyjamas online. They developed a truly unique range of fashion forward PJs for boys and girls, and have gone on to have many wonderful sleepwear adventures!

From sleepwear to sleepware

Actually, it's no fairy tale! When we created MADC'S we knew that awesome kids pyjamas needed to be durable, long lasting, comfortable and trendy. We also knew, from our own experience as mums, that kids don't always go straight to bed when they get their pyjamas on. In fact, pyjama time can be the start of a whole new adventure! Sleepwear from MADC'S can go from playtime to bedtime. We make versatile, practical kids pyjamas that are loud, cool and fun! Our childrens sleepwear is so tough we called it sleepware. It's like 100% cotton hardware. Ware, where, wear - it's hardware, anywhere, sleepwear!
And how did we come up with the name MADC'S? Well, let us introduce the family!


Mac, 15 years old - MADC’S kids pyjamas fashion advisor Mac


Angus, 18 years old - Loves waves, his iPhone, Playstation and girls (sometimes)
Allan, 50 years old - Loves telling jokes
Arwen, 4 years old - Our newest addition and future sleepwear model
Angus Allen Arwen


Dane, 54 years old - Loves telling stories Dane


Christie, 46 years old - Growing older with a keen sense of style and grace - never too old for adventure! Christie


Sophie, 44 years old - Trying hard to grow up but pleased to be failing dismally...
Scarlett, 10 years old - The beautiful princess of the MADC'S family - and she never lets us forget it.
Sophie Scarlet
We hope you'll love our mix and match kids pyjamas as much as we do and have lots of sleepwear adventures with your own cool princesses and bright explorers!

Buy the coolest designer kids pyjamas online from MADC'S for stylish kids at bedtime or anytime!