MADC'S FAQ'S - everything you need to know about our unique kids pyjamas!

We've answered your most common questions about our cool kids pyjamas here - like design, durability and sizing. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Why is MADC'S childrens sleepwear called 'sleepware'?

We wanted to create hard wearing kids pyjamas, but not compromise on comfort. Sleepware = hardware sleepwear. We are confident that MADC'S 'sleepware' will withstand the most imaginative and active sleeptime adventures. Wear, ware, where, hardware, anywhere, sleepwear!

Do the colours in your kids pyjamas stay put?

At MADC'S, we've invested time, research and testing money into the creation of our designer kids pyjamas to ensure that the bright colours we love to use in our products are not going to run in the wash. We are also sure they will not 'share themselves' with other stuff like wet sheets, carpet or light coloured couches. Our childrens sleepwear is machine washable on any cycle and can be tumble dried without losing colour or shape.

You say your product is unique. What's so good about MADC'S kids pyjamas?

We believe it's the little things that make a big difference to the comfort and functionality of kids clothing.
  • The fly on the pants of our boy's pyjamas is a fully-functioning button hole for quick and easy toilet trips.
  • The wide leg design of our pants for boys or girls encourages air flow to keep kids cool during pillow fights, spotlight in the dark and when they finally 'hit the sack'.
  • The combination of relaxed fit and high quality fabric in our pants design means they won't tie kids' legs together while they sleep.
  • All our childrens sleepwear is made with closed or 'French seam' internal leg seams, which means there are no raw edges of fabric, stitching or over-locking to cause scratching or discomfort. It also means only the Hulk could break the seams during playtime or bedtime adventures.
  • Soft thread and fabrics along with extremely soft backing fabric behind all of the appliqued pieces ensures so scratching or irritation, even for super sensitive skin.
  • Double stitching on all seams (pants and tops) ensures that MADC'S sleepwear is extra hard wearing and long lasting.

Can you tumble dry MADC'S kids pyjamas? Will they lose their shape?

All MADC'S sleepwear has been pre-shrunk and washed to ensure that our cotton kids pyjamas don't lose their cool after wash and wear. We are busy mums ourselves, so we understand the importance of convenience and simplicity! There are no high maintenance care instructions with MADC'S sleepwear. Wash them, tumble dry them, climb a tree in them! They'll keep their colour and shape.

How do I wash MADC'S children sleepwear?

MADC'S pyjamas are happy in hot, cold or warm water, although a warm wash may be better for removing stains. Warm water is kinder to fabric, although less kind to the environment. You can tumble dry our products at a warm or cold setting, but line drying is equally fine. We recommend using liquids rather than powders for washing and we avoid any optical brighteners.

I like shopping for kids pyjamas online, but how do I get the right size? 

We suggest that our cool kids pyjamas are loved by boys and girls from ages 4 to 12+ and that ages generally correspond to the size. So, your 4 year old will probably fit our size 4. You can click here for our handy size guide to make sure you get the right fit before you buy.
  • Our pants have a 1/2 elastic and 1/2 drawstring waistband. This makes them adjustable and means they'll grow with your kids. This design also means no digging-in waistbands or too-tight elastic to disrupt bedtime or playtime. On average, a set of MADC'S pyjamas should last your child about two years as they're made to be hard wearing, versatile and super comfy.
  • The design of our pants also accommodates growing adventurers because they can be worn as either full length or 7/8 length and still look great! They are roomy in the crotch, too, which means no uncomfortable scratchy areas down below. As we've said, it's the little things that count!
  • With our girls' tops, we've taken into account the fact that girls change shape as they mature. This shape can mean that longer tops miraculously become 'crop tops'. It can be really hard to buy tops for growing girls that fit in the width but still have the necessary length. We have done our best to ensure that this problem doesn't happen allowing for more length, as a proportion of the size, in the larger sizes from 8-9 upwards. See our size chart for more information.
  • Our sizes range from 4 to 12+. By '12+' we mean that we've found our pyjamas remain comfortable for most kids up to 13 or 14 years of age. Our unique designs that allow pants to be worn at full or 7/8 length, along with the wide legs and adjustable waistband keeps our sizing a little bit flexible, and guarantees you'll get a long life out of every garment.

Do MADC'S pyjamas comply with the Australian Standards for childrens sleepwear?

We comply 100% with the mandatory Australian Standards relevant to childrens sleepwear. As mums ourselves, we expect products available for kids to be completely safe to wear. That's why all MADC'S sleepwear has been designed not only to comply with the Australian Standard but to achieve the best possible result - low fire danger!

See AS/NZS 1249:2003 Children's nightclothes having reduced fire hazard for more information.

What does low fire danger mean?

This is the best possible rating childrens sleepwear can have when compliant to the relevant mandatory Australian Standard (see above). It means that we have chosen the best possible fabrics and appliques/embroidery and also designed our products in a way that significantly reduces any possible risk of attracting and or retaining flames.
  • All of our kids pyjamas are made with 100% pure cotton.
  • All of the embroidered pieces sewn onto our kids pyjamas are 100% cotton.
  • All of the threads used in sewing our kids pyjamas together are 100% cotton.
  • The fabrics we have chosen, if they do happen to be exposed to a fire or flame, will burn at a rate much slower than other possible fabrics.

How did we test our products to ensure compliance to the Australian Standard?

We sent our kids pyjamas to an independent specialist textile testing laboratory, so they could put out beloved sleepwear 'through the ringer'. We care about our kids! If we wouldn't put our own kids in our childrens sleepwear products, then you can be assured we won't be asking you to put your kids in it!

Buy quality kids pyjamas online from MADC'S for adventures at bedtime or anytime! Ware, wear, where, hardware, anywhere, sleepwear!