Nightingale girls pyjamas pants from MADC'S

Girls pyjamas in Nightingale design are loud and proud! In the hottest pink for the coolest kids, this is childrens sleepwear for girls who like to be seen and heard. Nightingale girls would take flight if they could and they'd be aiming for the stars. These fashion forward girls simply don't do cute. They want to be at the centre of every adventure and they'll win the pillow fight every time! Nightingale girls love kids pyjamas that are versatile, hard wearing and scream urban style. Who do you think will scream the loudest?

All MADC'S kids pyjamas are made from the highest quality, specifically sourced and tested, 100% cotton and can be machine washed any temperature and even tumble dried (if you want to) on a cool or warm setting.

We have tested all of our colours and fabrics for colour-fastness and longevity and had all internal seams closed and double stitched to ensure durability and flexibility. MADC'S kids pyjamas are designed for active play and adventure but are made super comfortable for sleep.

The waistband on our kids pyjamas is half elastic and half drawstring which means they will fit pretty much any waist size from starving bellies before dinner to overfull ones after! Room for movement, made to fit and you can pull to size!

$39.95 AUD