Noughts and Crosses boys pyjama SET from MADC'S - long sleeve

Fancy a game? Give up, you'll never win! Our boys pyjamas in the Noughts and Crosses design are for the thinkers, the strategists and the silent assassins. This childrens sleepwear might look bright and cheery, but that's just to distract you while your Noughts and Crosses boy plans his way to three in a row. They're perfect for map reading, code breaking and getting a good night's rest before the next big adventure! Like all kids pyjamas from MADC'S, you'll find the Noughts and Crosses design in mix and match pyjama coordinates for day time or night time fun.

All MADC'S kids pyjamas are made from the highest quality, specifically sourced and tested, 100% cotton and can be machine washed any temperature and even tumble dried (if you want to) on a cool or warm setting.

We have tested all of our colours and fabrics for colour-fastness and longevity and had all internal seams closed and double stitched to ensure durability and flexibility. MADC'S kids pyjamas are designed for active play and adventure but are made super comfortable for sleep.

The waistband on our kids pyjamas is half elastic and half drawstring which means they will fit pretty much any waist size from starving bellies before dinner to overfull ones after! Room for movement, made to fit and you can pull to size!

$49.95 AUD